Quoted from African Grey Secrets:

Pet lovers, specifically bird lovers, know and are familiar with the African grey parrots that are native to Africa. These parrots have the distinct ability of understanding human speech and speaking. Aside from this rare ability to speak, the African grey parrots are also attractive birds with bold colors. As such, a lot of African grey rescue groups abound to protect the beautiful birds.

African grey rescue organizations exist to protect the exotic parrots of the lush rainforests in Africa. These groups are there to make sure that the African grey parrots do not get into danger, do not fall under neglect, or do not suffer abuse from unscrupulous humans seeking a fortune by trafficking them. African grey rescue groups are also there to provide parrots that are victims of the abuse loving homes with people who will care for them.

African grey lovers who have compassion for these birds can help the African grey rescue organizations to make sure the these wonderful creatures are preserved and protected. One of the things that a concerned individual can do is offer to be a volunteer in an African grey rescue group. The time spent caring for the bird, if the volunteer is deemed qualified, will surely be a worthwhile experience. Further, these rescue groups work through volunteerism. Volunteers may also help with collecting donations or disseminating information about African grey parrots.

Another thing that a bird lover can do is contribute money to African grey rescue groups. The money donated will go a long way in providing for the birds� needs and to provide for the operating expenses of the shelter.  African grey parrots subsist on nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables which need to be bought fresh. Monetary donations can be used to purchase the essential foods for the parrots. Donated money will also be used to pay for utility bills generated by the fully-working rescue shelter.

A different way of helping out the African grey rescue organizations is by adopting a real African grey parrot straight from the rescue facility. Adopting a parrot, of course with the intention of providing its needs and protecting it from harm, will be welcomed by the rescue organizations. However, if individuals do choose this route, they must first equip themselves with the necessary knowledge regarding proper care of the stunning parrots. A lot of information about African grey parrots can be found on the internet. It is best to do research before heading to the nearest African grey rescue center.

African grey rescue organizations exist specifically for the welfare of African grey parrots.However, this does not mean that the ordinary individual cannot do his part in caring for these beautiful birds. Everyone can pitch in to make sure that the African grey parrots are preserved and protected for the years to come.

a Refuge for Saving the Wildlife US

Parrot Rescue Centre UK



Hookbill Haven Exotic Bird Rescue and Adoption  Birmingham

To promote the welfare of birds through education programs and bird clubs. To provide for long-term care, shelter, love, and medical needs for exotic birds that for one reason or another their owner could no longer care for them.

Parrots-R-4Ever Huntsville, AL
We are a No-Kill rescue shelter and sanctuary providing care, rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, abandoned, or unwanted exotic pet birds.  We are dedicated primarily to the larger parrot species, but we will accept any non-diseased pet bird in need of a home, space permitting.  We do not buy, sell, or breed birds nor do we adopt birds to those who do. Email:  macawman@parrotsr4ever.com


The Oasis Sanctuary became a 501(c)(3) charitable institution, receiving the Letter of Exemption in December 1997. We are also registered with the Secretary of State in Arizona as a recognized charity.  The Oasis is an animal care sanctuary accredited by TAOS and the ASA

Our mission is to rescue parrots in need of new homes, no matter the reason. TARA exists to improve the lives of companion birds through the education of humans and the nurturing of young aviculturists. 

Small Bird Rescue & Retirement Center Serving Maricopa County & Greater Phoenix
We rescue all types of exotic pet birds.  All Parakeets, English Budgerigars, Canaries, and Finches retire here with us permanently.

Mesa - Tequila Sepulveda, contact: Tequila111@aol.com


None known.


Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue  CA, San Francisco Bay area
To provide protection for those who, by no fault or choice of their own cannot help themselves, and depend on humans for their care. To ensure the highest quality of life for our companion birds. To educate the bird owning public on the most current diet, health and general care information.

Our goal is to take in homeless, unwanted or abused parrots, "rehabilitate" them, and find them good, permanent, loving homes with our members. PRS also strives to educate the community on the special needs of these wonderful pets. We promote good health, enriched lives and loving homes for our feathered companions.

Parrot Education & Adoption Center (PEAC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to educating current and potential bird owners on the proper care of pet birds. Unwanted or found parrots are accepted at PEAC. They are cared for until adopted to qualified applicants.

Providing for a companion parrot's quality of life through education, rescue, rehabilitation, and placement.

Tropical Bird Rescue  San Jose, CA
The charter of this organization is to foster the care and well-being of captive birds originating from tropical habitats, with the focus of the program on the welfare of each individual bird.

The Lily Sanctuary  Fountain Valley, CA
Our purpose is to provide quality care and love for homeless and "special needs" parrots.

Coachella Valley Exotic Bird Rescue- Desert Hot Springs, CA
Founded 1997.  Providing a permanent housing facility for unadoptable birds, and adopting to qualified members.  Contact Lisa Perreault at LuvToos@wmconnect.com

Parrots First  Los Angeles, CA
We are a rescue and adoption service. We exist solely to help unwanted or found parrots and through educational classes and seminars we hope to dispel many of the myths and misconceptions that are prevalent today P.O. Box 66223 Los Angeles, CA 90066 (310) 873-3600 x3294 (Voice Mail) Rose & Frank Levine rose@parrotsfirst.org , frank@parrotsfirst.org. Parrots First is a member of the Avian Welfare Coalition.

The Last Chance Ranch  So. CA
We operate a lifetime parrot sanctuary in Southern California.   We are privately  funded and have been operating for about 10 years. We presently care for over 200 abused,  abandoned, neglected, and pet parrots of many species that have been relinquished. Contact: gennygem2@aol.com

Parrot Protection Agency.Rescue and Adoption  San Diego
no adoption fee, 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Cathy Isbell, San Diego, (619)421-6404, naebo@yahoo.com

Sanctuary Parrot Rescue Grass Valley
Rescue only; 501(c)(3) status pending. Josephine Dunne, P. O. Box 1837, Grass Valley 95945.

Fly Away Rescue San Francisco Bay area
FAR believes that all birds deserve to have their special nutritional needs met, appropriate medical care, and a safe loving forever home.  If for any reason a bird cannot be placed into a loving forever home that bird will become a permanent  family member of FAR.

We are active in educating the public about the proper care of companion parrots.  We rescue parrots from harmful or unwanted situations and relocate them to suitable adoptive homes.

Special Bird Rescue/Adoption San Diego
I will adopt any handicapped / special needs bird, and will help with adopting out birds that don't require special care.  Willing to carry associated cost (transportation cost, etc.). Sibylle Faye: webmaster1@avianweb.com , AvianWeb.

Animal Encounters, Inc. Green Valley
Helping species through education, conservation and rehabilitation. We are a rescue and rehabilitation facility for exotic and domestic animals. We provide permanent placement for animals in need. Phone: (661) 270-0404.    Fawn Nyvold (661) 714-4024 (mobile)

Exotic Animal Rescue Service (E.A.R.S.) Atascadero
Phone: (800) 659-3680

Parrot Rescue Los Angeles
Wanda Harmon (310) 679-3435

Second Chance Exotic Animal Rescue Ontario, CA
Alisa Turner (909) 207-3066 bird777brain@aol.com

Second Chance Hemet Hemet, CA
We currently accept all animals except dogs/cats unless they are abandoned and not weaned. Visit our page for information on placements and adoptions and also our adoption fairs.  Phone: (909) 652-8197  SecondChanceRes@earthlink.net

Bay Area - Michelle Mee, contact: MMee266@Aol.com
Burlingame - Tina, contact: Tharleen@aol.com
Hemet - Wendy Jeffries, contact: salt@ivic.net


A 501(c)(3) and 509 (a)(2) non-profit corporation promoting education, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary for companion parrots.

Feathered Family is a small family parrot rescue located in Erie Colorado. Since we began we have brought a number parrots, of all sizes, into our lives, and either rehomed them properly or when it was needed added them to our family. We do not breed parrots here, we do not sell parrots here, we help parrots to find loving homes that will last forever.

Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture Adopt-A-Bird Program 
Rescue and adoption, adopts out of area, must be a member of the bird club and pay an adoption fee; Norma Lunney, (303) 343-7889.

Colorado Springs - Michelle Scheetz, contact: Zabianna@aol.com (also Montana)


CT Bird Rescue Bolton
Provide a place to live filled with love and the best care possible. Prevent cruelty and abuse of all pet and wild birds. Provide training to those interested in owning and caring for a pet bird. Promote public respect for all avian creatures. Provide children with educational opportunities to foster a respect for our natural world and for themselves.  [This rescue has stated that they no longer breed]

Wallingford - Claire Wong-Ostapowicz, contact: connecticutratterriers@yahoo.com


Of A FEATHER Bird Club  Eastern MD and DE
Contact: Jane Kerns 410-822-1047, fenick@toad.net


The Lucky Parrot  West Coast
The mission of the Lucky Parrot Refuge and Sanctuary Inc. is to provide a haven of aviaries in a natural setting, for homeless, abused, or unwanted parrots. The Lucky Parrot is accredited by The Association of Sanctuaries.  The Lucky Parrot is a member of the Avian Welfare Coalition.

The Shyne Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit sanctuary for needy parrots, providing a quarter-acre, 16-foot high, wired-in miniature rainforest where the birds fly free, interacting with the trees, the ground, fresh air, and sunshine, living as closely as possible in the way nature intended, yet still enjoying interaction with humans.

Contact: Sbrea24@aol.com

Our mission is to educate the public to better understand the selection, needs and husbandry of companion birds to ensure a lifetime of happiness for both bird and owner. Safe Haven provides Rescue, Rehabilitation, Education and Adoption services to ensure lifelong enrichment for the companion bird experience.

World Parrot Mission  Key Largo
There are many parrots in this country and around the world that are no longer considered suitable as pets because they have matured. Many parrots scream, bite and pluck out their own feathers. We would like to become a sanctuary for those birds that are no longer wanted by their families.

Ziggy's Haven West coast
Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Inc. is a non profit, all volunteer rescue orgnanization. We are dedicated to rescuing unwanted parrots and educating both current and potential bird owners on the proper care of keeping parrots as pets. 

It is the intent of the Foundation to provide a refuge and safe environment for captive parrots
that are displaced, and to accommodate birds that can no longer be cared for by their owners.

Sky Harbor, Inc., Avian Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Tarpon Springs
Licensed wildlife rehabilitation, exotic/wildlife rescue and rehoming.  Contact Lynda Biedenmeister: jblbparrot@ij.net

Port Saint Lucie - contact Terrie Swanson, tlsbirds@msn.com


Jesup - Handicapped and behavior problems welcome. Some birds are adopted out to qualified individuals, many others will remain here for the remainder of their natural lives. No birds are sold. Contact Tammy: tlcgliders@jesup.net


Maui Animal Rescue & Sanctuary  Haiku
315 Pauwela Road, Haiku, HI 96708, Phone: 808-575-7698, Fax: 808-575-7529 cujo@webtv.net

Wild and Exotic Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation. Contact Chad Castle. State and Federal Wild Bird Rehabilitation Permits, Exotic Bird Rescue. We do not breed birds and we do occasional adoptions. (808)391-0689 cell phone.


We are now an Illinois licensed foster facility. We take in a birds on a case by case basis for people who can no longer care for their parrot. If you have a bird that you cannot care for and would like us to foster and place your bird for you, please call us. 815-758-7215, cell phone: 815-762-0454.

To work in joint cooperation with all avian rescue groups to try and eliminate the need for rescue groups by educating the public about avicultural issues. Until that is accomplished, we will provide
a sanctuary for those unfortunate parrots that are in need of a home. rsw674@ameritech.net

Pet Bird Rescue and Adoption  Peoria, IL
Betsy Christison, betc@insightbb.com

Jennifer Kappel, contact: Jennifer3141@aol.com

Morris, IL. Contact: Jessica Childers (815)941-3982.  Email: good1026@theramp.net

Casey's Safety Nest Evansville, IN
Avian rescues, foster care and adoption. Southern  Indiana, and Illinois and Western Kentucky areas.


Casey's Safety Nest Evansville, IN
Avian rescues, foster care and adoption. Southern  Indiana, and Illinois and Western Kentucky areas.

Freedom, IN.  Mandy Parrish, contact: thisismyemail23@yahoo.com (812) 828-0615
Can travel to MI, OH, IL, IN, KY if and when needed to pick up birds in need, further if the situation is desperate.


Bannister Bird Farm
We rescue, medically clear and rehabilitate unwanted birds. Then place them for adoption. None of our birds are used for breeding or for any other type of profit. Kathy & Jerome Bannister: KJStroud@webtv.net

Southeast - Lisa Harvey, contact: lisaharv@Interl.net


It's a Zoo! Topeka
Contact: itsazoo@cox.net

Wichita - Sharon Bennett, contact: Dbenne8@aol.com

Overland Park  Jill Bodamer 913/268-2082  SpiritsFalcon@aol.com


Casey's Safety Nest Evansville, IN
Avian rescues, foster care and adoption. Southern  Indiana, and Illinois and Western Kentucky areas.

Florence - Tracey, contact: Tlw32@aol.com


Fifth Day Avian Rescue -- Pineville
Contact Debbie Sefcik at: godsholylove@hotmail.com


Parrot Rescue
PO box 645 Savage, Md 20763, Located between Baltimore and Washington DC. Caring for unwanted pet birds since 1988, Retired breeders, handicapped and behavior problems welcome. No resale. Contact: deethom@erols.com

Phoenix Landing Arlington VA (also serving Washington DC, Maryland, and North Carolina)
The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  It was established to promote and protect the welfare of all tropical birds, especially large parrots. We are also building free flight facilities in Western North Carolina.

Of A FEATHER Bird Club Eastern MD and DE
Contact: fenick@toad.net

Paszkiewicz's Parrot Rescue  Forest Hill, MD
Contact: Jason Paszkiewicz, 443-417-8640, email: avesara85@yahoo.com




Gaylord Parrot Rescue and Rehab -- Gaylord/Lansing
Carole Sue Hess: rehabber@winntelwb.coop, (989) 939 8390.
Grand Rapids/Big Rapids - Valerie Wilson, contact: vwilson231@aol.com
Grand Rapids - Jennifer Kappel, contact: Jennifer3141@aol.com
Lansing - Donell Snyder, contact: snyderdo@pilot.msu.edu
Penninsula Area - Frank S Ayner, contact: fsaymer@ic.net



Debbie Forsyth
Debbie's Mid-South Bird Rescue



Cathy -- St. Louis area and surrounding. Contact: cstmom@yahoo.com or phone #  636-257-7005.

Cherished Wings Exotic Pet Rescue & Adoption, Inc. Gerald, MO
John Wetzel, President, 573-764-2755. admin@cherishedwings.com




South Jersey Bird Club Parrot Adoption Program.
Rescue and adoption; no adoption fee; local placement only. Pat Baltozer, 856-881-9373, crbpeb@delanet.com


Birdie Haven. Port  Jervis
Rescue and adoption; adopts out of area; no adoption fee; (845) 858-6270; nana_kathy@webtv.net

Rescue and adoption. No adoption fee; 501(c)(3) nonprofit, P.O. Box 95, East Concord, 14055; birrdladdy@aol.com

Maspeth Bird Haven Long Island
Placements and adoptions.
Barry & Gayle Schwartz: rescue4birds@optonline.net

Adoption referral only, adoption fee; North Babylon; (631) 957-1100; parrotwise@aol.com or lipsgeneral@liparrotsociety.org

Home Tweet Home Rescue, Education and Adoptions Long Island
We have been helping birds find homes since 1976. Special needs birds are our speciality

Our goal is to provide a second chance to companion parrots. We will work to rehabilitate birds who have behavior issues. We feel that all feathered family members deserve a second chance to find a home and a loving family to join.



Phoenix Landing   Arlington VA (also serving Washington DC, Maryland, and North Carolina)
The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  It was established to promote and protect the welfare of all tropical birds, especially large parrots. We are also building free flight facilities in Western North Carolina.

Cloudcuckooland Aviary and Shelter
PO Box 789, Castle Hayne, NC 28429-0789
Marcia Tyson Kolb

Mark and Susan Doby, Winston-Salem, NC
We will take in any size/temperament of bird and give it a loving home. Rescue currently does not adopt birds out.



Our mission is: To reach out and educate the public on the appropriate health care and general well-being of exotic birds. To find homes for unwanted and abused birds through our adoption program. To provide a friendly and caring environment for our members and guests to socialize and learn from one another. 
Contact Lois E. Novacek, President: novacek@cableone.net. 701-293-3833




Northcoast Bird Adoption and Rehabilitation Center
The intent of this program is to satisfy a growing need in the pet bird market for the rehabilitation and subsequent adoption of these unwanted birds. birdadopt@aol.com

Our objective in starting N-COAR is to improve the quality of life that the companion bird will have. We hope to achieve this thru education, rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption.



Central Oklahoma Bird Club Shawnee, OK
Contact Carl Moss calmoss@oklahoma.net Carl & Linda Moss (405) 273-2625

Oklahoma Companion Bird Rescue Net Foundation (405) 692-8043

Gifted Wings Ministry, Inc. Tulsa,Ok and Claremore,OK
Registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that rescues exotic birds, adoption, pet therapy, rehabilitates unwanted  and abused birds, have own veterinary care and emphasis on educating people about birds. Contact: (918) 283-1264 or cell# (918)636-2263.  Email: bjs@myyellowstone.net



Rescue only, currently not accepting birds, 501(c)(3) nonprofit. P. O. Box 17364, Portland 97217, Jack Devine, (503) 286-0882, mlf@cnnw.net

Always Birds First Rescue -- Eugene
P.O. Box 2301
Eugene, Oregon 97402
Sally Gilliam, president: irishsally53710@msn.com



Parrot Education & Adoption Center
Parrot Education & Adoption Center (PEAC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to educating current and potential bird owners on the proper care of pet birds. Unwanted or found parrots are accepted at PEAC. They are cared for until adopted to qualified applicants. Email: zazubird@prodigy.net

We provide a permanent home for unwanted, abandoned, homeless birds, who for what ever reason have become to much for their owners. We provide a safe clean home, proper veterinary care, training and plenty of love and affection.

Brenda-Marie -- Washington area. Contact: brendamh@comcast.net.



We take in unwanted, neglected or abused Cockatoos, rehabilitate those Cockatoos that can be rehabilitated and place them in permanent homes. Or, provide a permanent loving home to any Cockatoo that is unsuitable for adoption. We provide education and educational resources for all parrot owners and potential parrot owners, including, diet, care and requirements.

Caged Bird Rescue
911 Thompson Road
Pegram, TN 37143


In this new year of 2003, West Wings Foundation (501(c)3 non-profit parrot rescue) is only accepting surrendered parrots on a case-by-case basis.  Contact Michelle West: birdmom@bellsouth.net



Serving the Southeast Texas Coastal Region, we accept pet birds that are in need of a new home because of their owner's changing circumstances, found birds, and rescued birds. We offer adoption and fostering services for those birds that are eligible, to persons informed in the care and nurturing of pet birds.

Beaks and Wings  Weatherford, TX
Beaks & Wings Parrot Rescue provides a safe, clean, loving home for ANY abused, neglected, unwanted or otherwise displaced bird with as much good healthy food, toys, mental stimulation and attention they could possibly want.  Contact John Dennett at hakit@cyberlane.net

Parrots and People Colleyville, TX
Our mission is to create a multi-purpose environment for people with special needs and companion parrots.

Rescue and adoption, no adoption fee, 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Dallas Bird Society/Project Haven Dallas-Forth Worth
Dallas Bird Society was established in 1948.  DBS andProject HAVEN is a c501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to finding new permanent homes for lost birds, unwanted birds, disabled or injured birds, pet birds whose owners can no longer provide a suitable home, breeder birds, and some sick birds.  Rescues within 100 mile ranges of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Adoptions and fostering opportunities for Dallas Bird Society members only.  Contact:  DBS
P.O. Box 242, Red Oak TX 75154. Phone: (972) 381-3075. Email: dbs@dallasbirdsociety.org

Texas Confetti Rose Pet Bird Rescue Corp. Glen Rose
Dedicated to improving the lives of abused, neglected, unwanted, ill, or injured companion parrots.  Contact: office 254-898-0822, email  TXConfettirose@aol.com

Wings of Love Bird Haven North Central Texas
We are a small, nonprofit bird rescue organization in the North Central Texas area. We have two main focuses. One is to rescue and re-home birds that need to be placed in a forever home. If you are in the Central Texas area and know of a bird that needs a home -- please don't hesitate to contact us. The second is to educate bird owners everywhere of what is required to raise and keep healthy, happy birds.

Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary provides refuge and veterinary care for exotic birds that are un-adoptable or who's previous owners would like them to live out their lives in a sanctuary environment. Occasionally we will have rescued birds for adoption to qualified homes. Our mission is to provide appropriate food, housing, and medical care to each bird that arrives at our refuge along with educating the public on proper husbandry of these birds. 



Located in the majestic red-rock country of Southern Utah, near the Grand Canyon, Best Friends is the nation's largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals.
5001 Angel Canyon Drive, Kanab, UT 84741-5001 USA, (801) 644-2001, info@bestfriends.org

Rescue and adoption to club members only, adoption fee; 501(c)(3) nonprofit; P. O. Box 651701, Salt Lake City 84165; Chase Kimball, (801) 278-4950, waes@juno.com



None known.



Phoenix Landing Arlington (also serving Washington DC, Maryland, and North Carolina)
The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  It was established to promote and protect the welfare of all tropical birds, especially large parrots. We are also building free flight facilities in Western North Carolina.

Safe House, Inc: Companion Bird Rehab & Retirement Center
P.O. Box 3252
Newport News, VA 23603
Phone: 757-887-8683
Fax: 757-220-1390

Post Office Box 534, Ark, VA 23003
804.693.5997 Fax: 804.695.9475

The Bird Cage Exotic Bird Rescue VA Beach
Wendy Meeks, 1324 Darien Ct, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 TkPink@aol.com


TLC Bird Haven Deer Park
We do not breed nor sell birds. Our only job is loving and caring for the permanent and temporary residents at TLC Bird Haven. We adopt - we rescue.

Whitewings Farm
65 Mill Creek Road
Raymond  WA  98577  
360 942 3669 

Mollywood is a place where rescued Mollucan Cockatoos can come to live out their days in the limelight!

Jeff Miller -- Spokane
Contact Jeff Miller: mill421@aol.com





We are committed to providing a safe haven including proper veterinary care, nutrition, socialization, physical & mental stimulation, and clean, spacious living areas.  Space is not only provided in our home, but in our hearts.





This is a newly formed group of individuals from around Australia who have been brought together by a common desire to address the problem of unwanted birds.


Perroquets-perruches.org   Site is not in English. 


For the Love of Parrots Refuge Society  Abbotsford, British Columbia
A registered non-profit organization which specializes in rehabilitating these birds by giving them lots of love, a good diet, toys to learn how to play and have fun and most of all enough space to move about and feel a sense of freedom.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary Surrey, British Columbia
Rescue and adoption; government registered nonprofit. Melanie Walker, 800, 15355 - 24th Ave., Surrey, British Columbia, Canada V4A 2H9, (604) 878-7212; info@greyhaven.bc.ca

Parrot Island Peachland, British Columbia
5090 MacKinnon Road Peachland, BC V0H 1X2 Phone: (250) 767-9030 Email:

Estry Hiltz Kamloops, British Columbia

Our goal is to find stable loving homes for all the birds who come to our shelter, but we will also offer sanctuary where birds we are unable to place in adoptive homes can live out their lives in a caring environment.


Fonds f�r bedrohte Papageien Site is in German.

The UK

We have been running now for just over 5 years. Our aims are to promote better care of parrots and to take in to our care any unwanted, mistreated, parrots.


(970) 799-9331


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